About The Artist

Bonita Martin is a self-taught figurative sculptor originally from Alexandria, Virginia who now lives in Atlanta, Georgia. She started sculpting with polymer clay and later moved to water based clay to further quickly started selling her art cards to fine department stores and stationery boutiques such as Neiman Marcus, Barney’s, Paper Affair and others across the United States and Japan. Bonita began to become interested in clay and sculpting. At first, choosing not to sculpt faces or hands, she later decided to concentrate on the subtle nuances of the expressions of faces and the position of the hands and body. She is inspired by moments in everyday life and some of her pieces represent mental health challenges. Bonita finishes her pieces with acrylics, waxes, gold leaf and she sometimes casts her pieces in bronze composite and other materials.

Artist Statement

“I love to create! I enjoy picking up on small moments that happen in everyday life. Whether they’re joyous, stressful, tormented or mundane. I like seeing when people relate to my creations. That spark of familiarity or excitement. Humans are fearfully and wonderfully made. Though I can’t duplicate that creation, I like getting close enough to pick up on our emotions.”