Bonita Martin

Instagram: bonitam.artist

Curriculum Vitae


Aug 2023 Found II, Atlanta, GA

Feb 2023 Artist Collective, Atlanta, GA

Jun 2022 Found, Atlanta, GA

Aug 2021 Rek Gallery, Tucker, GA

Sept 2021 Mint Gallery, Atlanta, GA

Apr 2021 Hidden Gallery, Atlanta, GA

Mar 2019 “Biggie Smalls Series” Art with Big Impact But Small Size, Atlanta, GA

Nov 2018 Imagination Squared, UGA, Athens, GA

Aug 2018 Municipal Gallery, Augusta, GA

Apr 2018 City Gallery, Augusta, GA

June 2018 “Deeper Than Most Shallow Series”, Atlanta, GA

Oct 2017 Generations: A Compilation of Works by Bonita Martin & Vando Davis, Atlanta, GA



Juried Exhibitions

Sept 2019 WMAC, Spartanburg, SC

July 2019 ARTiculateATL, Atlanta, GA

May 2018 The Emoji Art Show, Atlanta, GA

Sept 2017 Arts In The Heart of Augusta, Augusta, GA




Oct 2023 Private Collection, Atlanta, GA

Feb 2023 Private Collection, Douglasville, GA

July 2022 Private Collection, Philadelphia, PA

Feb 2022 Private Collection, Burbank, CA

Apr 2021 Private Collection, Atlanta, GA

Apr 2021 Private Collection, Atlanta, GA

Sept 2018 Private Collection, Augusta, GA









Bonita Martin is a self-taught figurative sculptor originally from Alexandria, Virginia who now lives in Atlanta, Georgia. She started sculpting with polymer clay and later moved to water based clay. She began selling her art cards to fine department stores and stationery boutiques such as Neiman Marcus, Barney’s, Paper Affair and others across the United States and Japan. The materials used on her cards ranged from polymer clay to dried flowers encased in resin. While searching for new ways to express her creativity, Bonita became interested in creating art on a larger scale at the request of her clients. At first, choosing not to sculpt faces or hands, she later decided to concentrate on the subtle nuances of the expressions of faces and the position of the hands and body.

She is inspired by special moments in everyday life that may be overlooked or considered mundane. Some pieces spotlight the challenges and triumphs of mental wellness. Bonita finishes her original pieces with acrylics, waxes, and gold leaf. She sometimes casts her pieces in bronze composite and other materials.